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Each class begins and ends with a brief meditation.  We then practice a mind-body skill together and discuss it as a group.  Every aspect of this process is grounded in science to foster stress relief, resilience and greater happiness.



Put a little fun in stress relief.  Learn the science of meditation and happiness in few hours during  a weekend workshop.  Relax your body, calm your mind, boost your immune system and share a few giggles to feel better and BE better — both physically and emotionally.



Take your mind-body skills practice to a whole new level on retreat.  Join me, and a small group of women, for an extraordinary experience in a beautiful environment where you can focus solely on every aspect of self-care.



Meditation – Zany and Zen


You may be surprised to learn that I used to feel insecure about my mind-body skills practice and fearful about not belonging in the meditation community.  Although I practice mind-body skills daily, I didn’t believe that I was “zen” enough to fit in.  The core of my being is filled with silliness and laughter — which in no way resembles the quiet, solitary nature of the zen stereotype.  On the contrary, I’m usually the  first person on the dance floor and the last to leave, giggling the entire time while shaking my groove thing.

Now, however, I understand that I can be both Zany & Zen.  Most of the time you’ll find my heart wandering in-between these places of duality and integration through dark and light, laughter and reflection, being and doing.  This acceptance makes my classes unique because it doesn’t require you to change any part of yourself to reap the rewards of a mind-body skills or meditation practice.  Come as you are right now!  The approach that I use is light-hearted.  The techniques that I teach are powerful, science based and secular.

By training, I am an educator and group facilitator.  By life design, I am the owner of Zany & Zen.  I teach the science of self-care and meditation through classes, workshops and retreats.  I love to create small group experiences for women, children, and a few good men who are ready, or perhaps simply willing to try, to leave stress and worry behind in order to live each day with greater joy and meaning.

I’ve earned a Bachelor and a Masters of Education degree from the University of Minnesota and have facilitated various professional and educational groups for more than 20 years.  Most recently I’ve studied with expert clinicians and received certification with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

You’ll find that I have a unique ability for creating intimate, small group experiences that are artfully engaging and profoundly healing.  I love fiercely, dance joyfully, and laugh easily.  Please consider joining me for a meaningful and healthful adventure in the practice of mind-body skills.